Inside: 42.72" x 10.62" x 9.57"


Lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable case that can be used to carry every kind of equipment and accessories.

  • All cases are watertight, resistant to dust, moisture, acids and sand.
  • Automatic valve which automatically adjusts the air pressure inside.
  • Internal O-ring made of neoprene makes the case totally waterproof.
  • Closing latches are extremely robust.
  • Reinforced corners that make it extremely shock-resistant.
  • Maximum protection with minimal weight. Up to 20% lighter than the competition.
  • The temperature range is guaranteed -40C up to +80C.
  • Made in Italy. 

Part Numbers:
AMRE6400CW      Case with wheels, with foam, Black
AMRE6400EW      Case with wheels, empty, Black
AMRE6400TRIW   Case with wheels, soft padded kit and straps, Black

A6400F    Replacement Foam Set
TK6000    Soft Deck Kit for 6200, 6300, 6400, 6500

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