200 Lumens


The sun goes down and it’s time to head in, right? Not anymore! With the UK Pro Freestyler Video Light, you can spend more time outdoors doing what you love and making sure that you capture it all on camera.

Easy to carry and use, the Freestyler Video Light gives you hours of light to help with GoPro® filming in the dark or in low-light conditions. The Freestyler ensures you have a smooth wide-angle beam LED light shining for you on just 3 AA batteries. Fully waterproof, and nice and bright at 200 lumens, The UK Pro Freestyler Video Light is a must-have for the adventurer who wants to capture it all day or night. For the ultimate night filming experience, get the Freestyler Lighting Kit, which comes with an adjustable flex arm.

  • Handy rear-switch for easy on and off
  • Wide Angle Beam: Broad beam of light covers field of view of wide angle cameras like GoPro®
  • Unique Design : The best and easiest portable lighting solution for the GoPro or any action camera on the market today
  • Included mount attaches to UKPro Flex Grip and other select GoPro® accessories
  • Bright beam at 200 lumens
  • Waterproof to 3m

Part Number:
10101  Freestyler Video Light

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