Extends from 14" to 40"


The Carbon40 pole is durable, lightweight, and made of premium quality carbon fiber. No monopod or camera pole on the market offers the flexibility, strength, and superior design of the Carbon 40 pole.

It extends to a more than sufficient 40", and packs down very compact into just 14″, fitting easily in a backpack or small case.

Perfect for water sports, diving, and boating use thanks to the non-corrosive material. Great for travel thanks to its compact size, light weight, and sheer durability.

  • extends from 14" to 40"
  • standard GoPro attachment
  • two times more rigid than aluminum poles
  • light and durable carbon fiber material is non-corrosive and usable in saltwater
  • lanyard included
  • weighs only 0.6 lbs

Part Number:
27026  Carbon Camera Pole 14" - 40" Telescopic, Red


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