210 / 110 / 40 Lumens


Herculite Series of Chemical Resistant Lights

Acetone, Battery Acid, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Diesel Fuel, Ethanol, Gasoline, Grease, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydraulic Fluid, Methyl Ethyl Ketone

The lights are made from Polypropylene & Nylon, instead of ABS & Polycarbonate. These materials resist being dissolved by common solvents such as MEK and acetone, as well as various petroleum compounds. These lights are designed to resist contact due to splashing, vapours or gloves saturated with solvent and not are designed to be submerged in these chemicals.

Mount it on your head with a rubber strap or cloth strap, or attach to a helmet or hard hat with the Vizion Helmet Mount. 

  • Chemical resistant
  • Eletrically non-conductive
  • Three power modes
  • 210 lm / 110 lm / 40 lm
  • 3.5 hrs on high / 6.5 hrs on med / 32 hrs on low power
  • Long life LED technology - won't burn out or break
  • 3 beam modes, diffuse, spot, or red
  • Waterproof to 10 ft
  • protection in all weather use, and from exposure to dust and liquids
  • Size: 3" x 1.5" x 1.8"

Part Number:
17109  3AAA Vizion Z3 Headlamp - Herculite with Rubber Band, Red
17110  3AAA Vizion Z3 Headlamp - Herculite with Helmet Mount, Red
17111  3AAA Vizion Z3 Headlamp - Herculite with Woven Black Band, Red

17501  Replacement Cloth Headband, Black
17502  Replacement Cloth Headband, Camo
17503  Replacement Rubber Headband, Black
17505  Helmet Mount, Black 
17506  Helmet Mount, White

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