Cushions for Tundra series  
CT35 Cushion for YT35 - white Contact for availability
CT155 Cushion for YT155 - white     
CT250 Cushion for YT250 - white  
  Seadeks for Tundra series   
DT35 Seadek for Tundra YT35  
DT45 Seadek for Tundra YT45  
DT85 Seadek for Tundra YT85  
DT105 Seadek for Tundra YT105  
DT120 Seadek for Tundra YT120  
DT155 Seadek for Tundra YT155  
  Baskets for Tundra series  
TBS Basket for YT50 or YT65  
TBM Basket for YT75 or YT110  
TBL Basket for YT105, YT120, YT125, YT155 or YT160  
TB250 Basket for YT250  
  Accessories for Sherpa & Tundra series  
TD Tie Down Kit  
DPT Drain Plug for Tundra series  
DPT-HOSE Drain Hose Adapter for Tundra series  
YSPLUG Drain Plug for Sherpa series  
YTL Latch for Tundra series  
YSLATCH Latch for Sherpa series  
TRH-SMALL Rope Handle Kit for YT35 or YT45  
TRH-LARGE  Rope Handle Kit YT50 and larger  
YSHDLE Plastic Handle for Sherpa series  
TF-OVAL Tundra Foot (double head)  
TF-SINGLE Tundra Foot (single head)   
TF-TRI Tundra Foot Triangle (double head)  


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